$10,000 AutoZone Cares Guest Survey

www.autozonecares.com - $10,000 AutoZone Cares Guest Survey

AutoZone Cares Guest Survey PrizeAutoZone

  1. 1 Grand Prize of $10,000 cash in the form of a check

AutoZone Cares Guest Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. You can enter or win whether you have made purchase or not.
  2. Regardless of the method in which you choose to enter, there is a limit of 1 entry per person during the Sweepstakes Period.
  3. Prize cannot be substituted by other things.

AutoZone's Customer Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question, need no receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open questions, need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish AutoZone's Customer Satisfaction Survey via smartphone, it may take more than 5 minutes to finish.

AutoZone Cares Guest Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. Online entry. For customers who have the receipts, visit the AutoZone Cares guest survey official site and complete the survey.
  2. Telephone entry. Access the telephone survey by dialing 1-800-598-8943 and when prompted by the recording, provide the reference number printed on your register receipt and complete the telephone survey.
  3. If you do not have a register receipt or did not receive an invitation on your register receipt, you may enter by mail as follows: On a plain 3” x 5” card, legibly handprint or type your first name, last name, complete address, city, state, zip code, telephone number (including area code), date of birth and email address (if available) to: “AutoZone CS Winter 13 Sweepstakes”, 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, New York 14610.

AutoZone Guest Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the AutoZone Cares guest survey official site
  2. Select the country where you shopped
  3. Select a language English or Spanish to take your survey in
  4. Give your ratings to statements like "Your overall satisfaction with this shopping experience" based on your visit
  5. Answer the open question "What you liked most about this visit to AutoZone?"
  6. Select answers to the questions about yourself such as your gender, age group
  7. Enter your telephone number and email address to finish the survey

AutoZone Guest Survey Video

If you have any problem or difficulty to finish AutoZone online guest survey at www.autozonecares.com, refer to the following survey video recorded editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to AutoZone customer survey in this article.

More Information about AutoZone Cares & Guest Survey
AutoZone is the leading auto parts retailer. AutoZone stores does business in 42 states. Now you may choose to shop online to make things easier. AutoZone.com is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your purchase will be processed and shipped within two business days after you place your order (3 - 5 business days if you purchased special order items). The sales tax in your area will automatically be included in your web purchase. AutoZone.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

About AutoZone Cares Guest Surveywww.autozonecares.com, $10,000 AutoZone Cares Guest Survey
Survey Website: www.autozonecares.com
Survey Incentive: $10,000 Cash
Host Website: www.autozonecares.com
Marketing Support: AutoZone

How does the service help you?
  • Extremely helpful
  • Very helpful
  • Somewhat helpful
  • Not very helpful
  • Not at all helpful
Rating: 4.3/5 (18 vote casts)

431 comments on “www.autozonecares.com - $10,000 AutoZone Cares Guest Survey

  1. lloyd curtner says:

    Had to return a part and had no trouble got the part the next day had very good service from the employees at Greenville Ohio 45331

  2. Ric Rainville says:

    I hope I win

  3. jackballew says:


  4. jackballew says:


  5. ladane welch says:


  6. Jack Orbin says:

    Visited Auto Zone today. Rukmal Perera (on his dinner break) was terrific help, replaced two brake lights for me and installed. We need more guys like this to help !!! Fantastic worker for Auto Zone. Pleasant and helpful!!! Thanks so much!!!! Jack.

  7. Dena c. Hall says:

    No problems yet with AutoZone

  8. robert spaulding says:

    I always get the best service from the gentlemen at Auto Zone in Menasha, Wi. They are always willing to help the customer in every way!!!! I have been going there ever since the opened. Thanks Bob

  9. Andrés Serna V. says:

    Well, all the time, when I go to auto-zone I can found all the things for my car and this I like it, because I don't need to go to the other place.

  10. Albert M Normandin says:

    Everyone was extremely helpful and always are.

  11. Mike Evins says:

    Store is clean, well laid out, and well stocked with parts i need. Employees are helpful and friendly.

  12. charles hargrove says:

    found whatI was looking 4

  13. Adrian says:

    Super buena experiencia

  14. anthony w macelree says:


  15. Dennis H Woodruff says:

    I was on vacation 1500 miles from home when my brake pads completely shelled out .When I could not get an appointment at a garage I parked in an autozone lot. I asked the attendant if I could repair my brakes in the back parking lot. After selling me parts they loaned me several tools free of charge and checked on my progress from hour to hour. The young men were so kind and helpful i will never forget them. The store is autozone 6458. Located at 1812 Beverly Pike, Elkins W .V 304 635 6010. i am a autozone customer for life. Thank you.

  16. Michael V Wilson Sr says:

    Agent was very rude not at all Customer friendly. Refused to use correct name on transaction even after I corrected him twice. Then he told me it did not matter what name he used. Well it matters to me.

  17. joey savoie says:

    Hello was bought the life time brake pads from the store here in raceland la and the the enter this into to computer did with the wrong part number so when it was time to replace on 2005 ford f 150 rear brakes I went in with the old pads in my hand and told that they couldn't honor the warranty. So IN SHORT I WILL NEVER SHOP AT ANY AUTO ZONE. TAKE MY NAME OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM

  18. Susie Hudson says:

    When I was backing out of my driveway on Saturday the car sounded like possibly my battery could be getting low. I went into my Jazzercise class knowing that Auto Zone was right there should my car not start. This has happened to me exactly the same way 2 years ago! Sure enough it didn't, I walked over to their location and Alex immediately reacted to my situation and getting my car jumped and back over to the store. I had the warranty so the new battery was a swap out and even exchange, with no $ out of my pocket! I asked Alex sure I can't give you something for doing that for me and so quickly, she truly knows her stuff and her customer service skills are beyond excellent. I was in sales for years and truly big on Customer Service. Her reply was no that is part of our service but you can help me and write a testimonial. I gladly write this about her and the store at Cave Creek/Thunderbird in Phoenix, AZ. I can't say enough and Auto Zone should be very proud of this store and the asset they have in their employees. A big Thank you!

  19. james h white sr says:

    good parts and very nice people.

  20. Alieene George says:

    A1 parts & Customer assistance

  21. Monica McGraw says:

    Autozone keep up the good work.

  22. Dopnald A Aaron says:

    havealways found the clerks to be very helpful and polite

  23. Roger Alderman says:

    AutoZone is my favorite store for my auto parts and tools. I enjoy shopping there and find the employees very helpful when I have a question about my current project.

  24. Zyah says:

    What I have seen in terms of laptop or computer memory is that often there are technical specs such as SDRAM, DDR and so on, that must fit the specifications of the motherboard. If the pc’s motherboard is very current and there are no openetirg-systam issues, updating the ram literally usually takes under one hour. It’s among the easiest personal computer upgrade techniques one can visualize. Thanks for discussing your ideas.

  25. orlando calderon says:

    I order parts and they never deliver them to my shop

  26. julie baker says:

    14 year old car passed with flying colours thanks to your mechanics & cup of coffee thrown in

  27. Carol Sander says:

    Jeannie took care of me with such kindness and did it in such good time. I will go back to this store when I need help again because of her attitude and kindness.

  28. juan says:

    Last Friday march 12. I went to autozone on chayanne and las vegas blvd. I bought spark plug cables for my SUV, it was late so I decided to do that the next morning, so I did, at least I started, after I installed the first one. I realized I have the wrong cables. i removed the one installed and went back to the store to return those and get the right cables. The person "helping" me. was very rude since we started talking. I explained the problem. he opened the cables box and check them taking all the time he even smelled the cables and said. this one has been installed. I said. Yes, I trusted the person who sold them to me. and see what happened!! He, The manager named Nick Gallen, asked for the year and brand of my car. made the return and sold me another set of cables. before leaving the store. He was so rude and said to me. Before you install those. Be sure you have the right ones, I asked him if he checked on the computer for thee right cables. and he said. Yes i did. But you never know. I went back home. And just to be sure. I checked the size of the cables. And yes. They were not the same, I went back to the store to make another "Return" and he was there. asking me. Don't tell me i give you the wrong cables. I said yes. You did.After that He. Nick Gallen. That's his name. Said to me. Its going to be really hard to find the right cables unless you bring the cables installed in your car. It wiil be better if you get your money back. and try some where else. I said. That is a very good idea. I'm sure some one else will be happy to take my money, after that. he said. Lessen, let's try again and see if this time I get you the right cables. I refused his "offer" asked for my money back. And went to another autoparts right across the street. and i was glad I did that. I finally get the right cables in the "FIRST" visit to that store. I been buying at that Autozone for years. But since last Friday, I sent all my costumers to the store across the street. I must mention, I'm a mechanic, and at least visited that store one or more times every day, To buy parts. I'm sure that thanks to this new manager NICK GALLEN. its not only me that its doing the same. Going to the store across the street.

  29. wayne e burton says:

    The staff of AutoZone work hard to make sure every customer is treated quickly and very professionally.

  30. joe blow says:

    I mostly go to autozone very happy with parts & service..I do not like them wasting my time with survey B.S.The phone # site just wastes my time. Have they ever gave away $10000.00?

  31. Jimmy says:

    wonderful service, very knowledgeable

  32. Mohammad Abuhabsah says:

    Thank you

  33. Elliott Hall says:

    Autozone is close to my home and I use it for all my auto needs,they are really helpful and

    knowledgeable of the parts,the store is always clean,i like to shop at autozone.

    Thank you!
    Elliott Hall

  34. Antonio says:

    Nice store.....

  35. Rolando Mendoza says:

    I love the rewards program at auto zone because I get coupons in the mail or by email which keeps me going back.

  36. dana j schach says:

    My service at auto zone has left me with a permenent smile on my face. I will turn more customers from orileys (schucks) to autozone than any other person in history.

  37. Tasha Ourada says:

    holy smokes the customer service was amazing!! the manager even put the wiper blades on my vehicle!! i'll be shopping here again for sure!!

  38. Shirlee M. Allison says:

    I love our Autozone store in Coldwater, Michigan. I bought a new Battery and new

    windshield wipers. The service is awesome and friendly. An enjoyable shopping experience.

    Thanks Autozone.

  39. robert doehler says:

    Stopped in at the Webster NY 14580 Autozone ( store 2925 ) to have me battery checked out as the car no longer started without popping the clutch . Sure enough Mark confirmed it was not charging and I had a bad battery . Mark was extremely helpful in getting it replaced in less than 15 minutes . Mark was efficient and effective and definitely a key to Autozones success . thanks Mark !!!

  40. Daivd Alexadner says:

    First impression; clean; organized; comfortable;. Staff friendly;helpful


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