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survey.steinmart.com - Stein Mart Customer Experience Survey

Stein Mart Customer Experience Survey PrizeStein Mart

  1. $1,000 Cash monthly

Stein Mart Customer Experience Survey Rules

  1. You do not need to make a purchase to enter or win
  2. Each person is limited to only one entry
  3. The potential winner will be contacted by telephone and/or email
  4. Prize will be sent to the winner within 4-6 weeks of completion of the winner verification process

Stein Mart Customer Experience Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 1 open question and you need a receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 1 open question and you need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You are can still finish Stein Mart Customer Experience Survey via smartphone.

Stein Mart Customer Experience Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the official website.
  2. Click on the "Next" button to start the survey.
  3. Select the date of visit and enter the 4-digit transaction number, 5-digit store number and total purchase number shown on your receipt.
  4. Select answers to the questions related to your visit like "What time of the day did you visit Stein Mart?" and so forth.
  5. Answer the open question "What, if anything, could Stein Mart have done better to improve your most recent shopping experience?".
  6. Rate the store regarding the associates, your shopping experience based on your most recent visit.
  7. Select answers to the questions about yourself like your age, gender, etc.
  8. Enter your personal contact information like your name, phone number and so forth and click "Next" to finish the survey.

More Information about Stein Mart
Founded by the current chairman's grandfather just after the turn of the 20th century, the Stein Mart concept has evloved into a nationwide network of easy-to-access freestanding stores. The merchandise includes current-season, brand name fashion for women and men; accessories; home decor, linens; and shoes. All are at prices up to 60% below department store prices, every day.

You can sign up to enjoy the benefits of being a Stein Mart Preferred Customer. The benefits include:

  1. Special notice of events and sales mailed to your home
  2. Members-only shopping days
  3. Special birthday discounts
  4. Email announcements

Visit survey.steinmart.com and try your luck!

About Stein Mart Customer Experience Surveysurvey.steinmart.com - Stein Mart Customer Experience Survey
Survey Website: survey.steinmart.com
Survey Incentive: $1,000 Cash
Host website: survey.steinmart.com
Marketing Support: Stein Mart

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33 comments on “survey.steinmart.com - Stein Mart Customer Experience Survey

  1. Patty Allen says:

    I went to the Stein Mart store on Placentia Blvd...My experience was delightful as always and I was looking for a particular item and I asked Allisan to help me and she along with Shannon took several minutes looking for that item at another store..They were most helpful and friendly...I went to pay and the line was pretty long in within minutes employees were up and helping the customers..I once again meant up with Shannon who (must be a jack of all trades) was helping customers with items to be checked out..The line went fast...It is employees like these two that make shopping a Stein Mart even a better experience...Thank you...Patty Allen

  2. Patricia Duffy says:

    Love SteinMart

  3. Carol says:

    Every shopping experience at Steinmart is a joy, regardless of what I buy. Yesterday I found such bargains that I left the store amazed, to be honest. All the sales folk are so nice, courteous and helpful. And the checkout lady Armida was very friendly and patient while a minor issue with my new credit card was resolved. I appreciate this store very much

  4. Kathryn M. Shine says:

    I found all employees, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable about products, suggested different ideas in matching & knew the answers of why a product wasn't in the store. Christy @ the Orchard Park, NY., store was extremely aware of my needs & helpful on 2 recent occasions! I would be proud of my employees at this store!I was in too much of a hurry both times but the suggestion of a STEIN MART CARD was suggested each time ,as was, looking on line for products if I can not get it in the store! I wish all stores chose & trained employees as good as these people were able in their positions. The atmosphere was light & professional! Thank you employees! I will shop STEIN MART again! Mrs. Kathryn M. Shine

  5. K ransom says:

    I tried to complete the survey however on the first page I got a message that the transaction number s/b 1000 to 9999 ! What is this ? My four digit number was less than 1000 but still four digits.

  6. Marian Sim says:

    I love this store. I only wish I had access to one in Wyoming/Colorado. Everytime I am visiting Rockwall, TX I visit the Steinmart store. In fact I have spent a lot of money there in the last four months. Love the products.

  7. michelle says:

    I was at your store today,couldn't find the sales person in the shoe dept., and when I did it was like I was a bothering her,until one of your other sales person came to me and asked if she could help me,
    I believe her name is Tammy and what a gem she was. I'll be back just because of her.
    You should have more people like her. Thanks for listening.

    Michelle Minges

  8. Millicent Lowery says:

    I love Stein Mart clothes. I would like for the sale coupons to be valid from Frday to Sunday.

  9. Dot M Barker says:

    I enjoy shopping at Steinmart and finding the great bargains there and the quality clothes that are available!

  10. Joan says:

    First time Stein Mart shopper. My sales associate, Loetha Partee, was awesome. Due to her, I will be a life long customer at the Flower Mound store.

  11. Donna says:

    the cashier was not very nice. almost to the point of being rude. YOU CAN'T GET SIGNED ON FOR THE SURVEY !!!!!!

  12. Elizabeth Berry says:

    I visited your store on Saturday 7/5/14 and was checked out by a very nice lady with a pleasant attitude. She greeted me and also signed me up for a Stein Mart Card where I will be able to get E-mail and coupons. (not a credit card) Her name was Gale. I tried taking the online survey but for some reason was unable to get in, but I had to leave my feedback regarding the excellent Customer Service she gave me and I felt appreciated. Because of her I will continue to shop at Stein Mart. She's an asset and I am certain other customers feels the same about her. By the way Store # 190 Florence, SC 29601

  13. Nancy Powell says:

    I just want to take a minute to tell you about a wonderful person you have working for you at your store on Alantic Blvd Jax Fl. store number 00309. Her name is Sakwa I made sure to find out her name as It was my first time in Steinmart and she was beyond helpful and I wanted to just take the time to tell you as she is a asset to your company. I have met many sales people but not like her. She didn't bother me like some do but was always close by to answer any questions I had and told me the areas I need to go to , to find what I was looking for.

  14. kathy cook says:

    love the SteinMart in Rockwall Texas

  15. Jan Moore says:

    Had a great experience with SEV at your store on Sand Lake Rd. Fl. She was amazing & Jay Stein you would have been proud by the way she epitomized my shopping venture. She stopped what she was doing to help me find an item, instead of the "If it's not out, we don't have it" answer.. Asked the manager, who was beyond amazing( can't remember her name). Daytime 4-14-14. Well, I left very satisfied & made me rethink Stein Mart after some not as pleasant past experiences.. Love your store & SEV should be the norm, not a once in a while.. Someone was very wise to hire both Sev & your manager.. Job well done, thank you...

  16. Bonnie Gibson says:

    Cannot get into your customer service survey to try and win prize. See someone else replied that your website doesn't work with the surveys?

  17. Anne Birke says:

    I had a very pleasant experience, January 30, 2014 at the Johns Creek, GA, Stein Mart Store. While my husband waited in the car, I ran in to check if any stand-alone jewelry boxes were still available after the Christmas rush! Unfortunately, they weren't on sale, but there was one boxed unit still available and JoAnn quickly brought it to me from the storage area in the back! She offered to open an account so I could save 10% since it wasn't on sale! It only took a matter of minutes! Jo Ann was extremely helpful, very courteous and offered to carry the box to the car.

    Anne Birke

  18. Mary Hutchinson says:

    Always friendly at my Valrico, Fl store. Anytime I visit any of your stores the employees seem to be just as friendly. The 2 times I wanted something located and sent to me, the associates were great.

  19. Eleanor Frazier says:

    I would like to know how do you expect for your customers to participate in any surveys when your website does not function. We, as customers miss any opportunities for winning if there is always errors on the page. I feel you should compensate us with something besides a coupon for the problem we have deal with concerning your website.

  20. Linda says:

    I would like to say I recently shopped at store #328. My experience was amazing. I was looking for a top. None of the ts suited my figure. Along came Morgan. Within a few minutes she located the most beautiful and exceptional fitting top. That is customer service at it's best. Her personality and skill are#1 in my book. I believe she is an asset to your company

    Linda. Chriss

  21. mary henley says:

    I love going to see the colors and get the great deals.

  22. Clara Thomas says:

    I love Steinmart. I always shop there first if I'm looking for clothing. I know I will always find something that works for me. I just wish the petite department had a better selection.

  23. Cathie says:

    This was my first trip to Stein Mart and I was disappointed as the petite section was small and did not have the styles in the regular sizes. I also did not see any wide width for shoes. I did not encounter a salesperson in my search. My husband did buy a jacket and it was small which he needs.

  24. Lea Thomas says:

    The stor clerks are very friendly and always willing to go an extre step. My arms were full as I was having great luck finding bargains. The girl offered help and went to get a cart for me ....she was soooo kind.

  25. Carmencita Damian says:

    I like shopping at Stein Mart. Whenever I can not find something the sales associates are more than happy to assist me.

  26. Terry Wright says:

    I love Stein Mart! The current selections are great. Good prices .

  27. CYNARA EMORY says:

    I am a very frequent Stein Mart customer and have been for many years.
    Usually I do shop on store #011. I have also patronized fashion shows in which your line of clothes and accessories had been showed.
    My experience, through the years has been very positive. Your employees nice, and helpful, I know some of them by their first name since I am dealing with them for long time and many faces are very familiar. They recognize my too.
    My last visit to this store, was last Saturday, August 10th and I was delighted that once again, I found "treasures" at resanoble prices, and that Angela G. checked me out like she has done tons of times always with a good attitude and a friendly smile.

  28. Madeline Crotty says:

    I find all the cashiers at Steinmart's very helpful, courteous and quick, especially Debbie.

  29. zozo says:


    I Like to tks " Miss Jill " who was helpful to me in steinmart

  30. Mary Nelson says:

    Was treated with the utmost respect at the checkout counter.

  31. Kimberly Bloom says:

    Steinmart is a place where my mother, my sisters and I shop...It's clothing are a great quality...while the sales keep you coming back for more... I look forward to the new arrivals at the same time I know I will purchase each piece at a fantastic steal of a price... Thanks Steinmart... And as much as I love shopping at Steinmart I was super proud to be notified the stores would be closed on Easter! Be blessed.....

  32. Richard Engel says:

    This was a combination visit - purchase Easter decorations and buy a birthday present both of which were accomplished with ease.

  33. Bonita Krull says:

    I have been shopping at Steinmart for over 20 years. It's my favorite stylish store! Very satisfied! I am a happy camper for Steinmart.

  34. rosario yrady says:

    quiero participar en el survey y asi tener oportunidad de ganar la tarjeta

  35. rosario yrady says:

    me gusta comprar en Steinmart sobre todo con los cupones de descuento en el red doot

  36. helen siswein says:

    My slip says to go to this website to answer a survey to qualify for a chance to win a prize. How many hoops must I jump thru to enter????????????????
    There is no place tp enter here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Melva Edens says:

    Stein Mart is my favorite place to shop


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