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Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey OfferSafeway

  1. $100 Gift Card

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

  1. Each person is limited to 1 entry each month
  2. Each household is limited to 1 prize
  3. The winner is responsible for all taxes, and all other costs associated with acceptance or use of the prize

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Usability Report

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 3/5. It takes about 10 minutes to finish. There are 4 open questions. Your receipt is needed.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page is for Tablet. There are 4 open questions. You need to enter your personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page is for smartphones. You are not recommended to finish Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey via smartphone, for it may take more than 10 minutes to finish.

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Entry

  1. Customers who made a purchase can visit Safeway customer satisfaction survey official website to take the online survey.
  2. For customers who want to enter without making a purchase at a Participating Location, or without completing the survey, hand-print your name, complete address, city, state, zip code, daytime phone number, birth date, and e-mail address on a 3” x 5” card and mail it to one of the following addresses:
    US residents:
    Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes,625 Panorama Trail,Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437.
    Canadian residents:
    Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, 17-7000 McLeod Road, Unit 135,
    Niagara Falls, ON L2G 7K.

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit Safeway customer satisfaction survey official website
  2. Enter the required fields from your receipt
  3. Rate questions like "Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience at our grocery store?", etc. based on your most recent visit
  4. Select your response to questions like "Did you redeem one or more Just for U offers as part of your shopping trip?", etc.
  5. Rate your Just for U experience with regard to "Ease of redeeming coupons/offers", etc if you have it
  6. Leave your comment on how they might improve your Just for U experience
  7. Select your response to  questions about the departments you visited, etc. and leave your comments or suggestions for improving the departments you visited
  8. Select answers to questions about your Checkout process and leave your comments if you have any
  9. Select answers to a few more questions and answer the open questions about the best part or the worst part of your experience
  10. Enter your contact information such as your name, phone number, etc.

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Video

If you can 't finish Safeway survey online successfully, the video below made could help you.

More Information About Safeway
When you buy something at Safeway, you are not just buying, you are earning at the same time. That is Safeway Reward Points Program. Rewards points are easy to earn. You earn points for every $1 spent on groceries or pharmacy items. Rewards points are easy to use too.  Every 100 points gets you 10¢ per gallon in Rewards for a single fill-up at a Safeway gas station. Every 200 points gets you 20¢ per gallon in Rewards for a single fill-up at a Safeway gas station. Every 500 points gets you 50¢ per gallon in Rewards for a single fill-up at a Safeway gas station. And every 1000 points gets you $1 per gallon in Rewards for a single fill-up at a Safeway gas station. You must be happy to hear about this. So join the program and begin enjoying the benefits that belong to you.

About Safeway Customer Satisfaction Surveywww.safewaysurvey.net - Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.safewaysurvey.net
Survey Incentive: $100 Gift Card
Host Website: survey-feedback.net
Marketing Support: marketforce

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2,631 comments on “www.safewaysurvey.net - Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Truman Ellis says:

    I have shopped at the Safeway store on 15th Ave and 125th(#1586) for many years. In fact we shop there 90% of the time. I have found Devan in the Meat Dept. alway helpful 100% of the time.

    Truman Ellis

  2. Marsha StLouis says:

    I had a great check out experience yesterday with Mama D at the Check Out counter at the Safeway store at 20830 108th Ave SE in Kent WA, Store # 459. I always seek out her line when I shop at this store and she is on duty because she is so friendly and efficient.

  3. graceila says:

    GREAT customer service today at the deli at store 971<foothill hayward. Maria had great service i recommend her to make your sndwich it was a bomb, keep it up 971 place to get a sandwich

  4. David says:

    Byron in the produce department at the Safeway on 14th st S.E in Washington DC has been very helpful with a Professional attitude and is always willing to help when i have a question.

  5. David says:

    Byron in the produce department has been very helpful every time that I have been in the Safeway on 14th st.SE in Washington DC. Byron is very professional and respectful

  6. Marta Tullis says:

    Randie (who delilvered order number 10479649) was exceedingly gracious and helpful when delivering my order.

  7. Lea Lutz says:

    I returned some meat items and Aaron was gracious and accommodating. I was quite pleased with Aaron's attention to taking care of his customers.

  8. vicki compton says:

    Your survey is a joke!!!it does not work and takes forever to complete.

    Bertha at forest grove oregon. bakery does an amazing job in customer service. She is always very helpful in picking the best breads and deserts for our special occasions. She works so hard and shes always smiling and friendly.
    Please pass this survey on to the safeway store manager.

    Thank you

  9. dan pepping says:

    Eddie in produce was an incredible help today by pointing out fresh fruit and veggies. It made our food look good as well as taste fresh, too! Thanks Eddie for your professionalism. Keep up the good work.
    Sincerely, Dan Pepping

  10. marilyn schroeder says:

    i was in pak and save Safeway in south san franisco on june 30 and had the cashier SARAH. 4399 .she was very friendly and cheered me up and other customers around me. Great way to start 4th of july off knowing people can be nice. She bagged my grocery and offered help to car. i enjoy shopping here.

  11. Carol Nielsen says:

    Received a cheerful greeting from DJ in dairy.Cashier Bernadine was very pleasant on limited checkout lane. She went the extra mile by bagging my ice cream to keep it as cold as possible without my asking.
    It is always a pleasure shopping at the Fountain Hills store.

  12. svein a grimstad says:

    Maureen at the Benicia safeway is the best. Always helpful and friendly. She put together really nice flower boquet for my granddaughters recital.

  13. Doug Baker says:

    I enjoy shopping when Beverly is working as she takes time to answer my questions and help me check out. The other day she answered my questions on the patio furniture set and patio heaters you have for sale. Store 1485

  14. karen jordan says:

    Love to shop at Safeway when Candi is working, real nice person and fun to talk with,

  15. Anne says:

    I had another wonderful experience at the Starbucks today. Lawrence, Macie, Tea, and two other girls are always so wonderful to me. They know exactly what I need, and make it happen in a timely fashion. At times I see the employees working alone, and they still get the job done.
    I refuse to go to any other Starbucks. To me this one is top notch! I would also like to recognize the store Manager Chris Day. He is a wonderful person, many times I have stood in a long line and he sees me from across the store and immediately opens up a new line for me.

    Chris always has his eye out to help people. This is a wonderful Safeway. I will not shop any where else! These employees really make the difference in a persons day:)

  16. Curt, Missie Niemeyer says:

    Des Moines WA. Safeway.
    Mike the checker always very engaging , helpful and all around friendly.
    Always a pleasure to go through his line .

  17. sandra Robertson says:

    East Wenatchee Safeway customers of the Deli Dept. are so fortunate to have the most helpful employee, Amy who always gives customer service up and beyond regardless of how many customers are waiting. Whether it slicing a special order or putting down a fresh order of chicken, she always makes the customer feel special. Thanks Amy, I will always return for your help, know you have given the best possible service and always put a smile on my face when I leave. This is the kind of person that deserves a "10" and a SPECIAL THANK YOU!!

  18. graeber says:

    i shopped today at your hawaii kai store #215 377 keahole st. hon.
    outstanding service by clerk marla [FLORAL SHOP ] i needed some milk ,the shelf was empty
    she was very happy to get me 2cartons from the stockroom , with a big smile .
    it is very nice to have some people like marla .
    a big MAHALO

  19. Renee Martinez says:

    I was at Safeway on center street in Salem Oregon, and employee Ronald B courtesy clerk was very helpful and helped me look for an item I could not find and Ronald B was able to locate it for me in the store and even reached up and got the item for me due to me recent operation

  20. Ed Brayer says:

    I was shopping and needed assistance in finding items on May 27 2017 . Jacob at the Sonoma Ca. store helped me find every item for my Spaghetti dinner. It made the shopping so much easier. He was professional and friendly and above all patient . It an enjoyable experience.
    Ed Brayer

  21. Janis Crook says:

    Sonya was a big help what am asset to your company. In the bakery cheerful made me feel welcome

  22. Sara Long says:

    Special thanks and recognition to one of your young employees, Brandon Beal. I have been an avid coupon clipper for years. While in the Webster store yesterday, I spotted one of the special items that required access to the Just 4 U program on my cell phone. I sought out help, and Brandon very patiently helped "an old lady" with her new fangled smartphone, with apps, and getting into the Safeway Just 4 U program and explaining its workings. Wonderful. He was patient, kind and professional, and I left the store impressed and happy. I will be a real fan of the program from here on.

  23. Dorenfeld says:

    I am a weekly shopper at my local Safeway, #1678 store and find all the personal wonderful. I do want to give an extra super heads up to a Jack in the fish department. He does an excellent job being very informative ! He is one of the reasons I do my food shopping at Safeway.

  24. stuart walbridge says:

    I routinely shop at 2 different Safeway Store locations in my home area. I would like to comment on the STELLAR job that both the General Store Manager, Mike Stuckwisch and the Assistance Store Managers, Crystal and Chung continue to carryout at this location in Great Falls, VA where I reside. The store is always, clean, well stocked and organized, plus the employees are always helpful and pleasant.
    The second Safeway Store I shop in less frequently, is located on Conn. Ave. in Chevy Chase, MD. I would like to inform you this store, is always a mess and routinely not well stocked. The employees are less than helpful w/ an "attitude". This store unfortunately is a poor representative of what a Safeway Store attempts to provide to the consumer.

  25. TED AIKEN says:

    I shop very often @ the Safeway store #: 1525. I am wanting to commend the customer service person : MINA #: 8264 on her excellent and professional customer service to not only me, but, to other shoppers that work with her at her customer service counter. She is the best.

    Ted Aiken

  26. Marie Amorosa says:

    I often go to the 5479 store in Cave Creek Az. One of the cashiers Rosina is always helpful and friendly. She knows both my wife's name and mine and is always cheerful and outgoing. We always have a great experience and continue shopping at this safeway store. All the employees are very helpful.

  27. Brian Maddox says:

    I often go to the 2255 Gellert store in SSF. One of the checkers, Sarah 10 4399, always remembers my name and greets me. She is always cheerful and helpful. Everyone in the store is ready to assist. Great experience!!

  28. Brian Maddox says:

    I often go to the 2255 Gellert store in SSF. One of the checkers, Sarah 4399, always remembers my name and greets me. She is always cheerful and helpful. Everyone in the store is ready to assist. Great experience!!

  29. Joey Davis says:

    I shop at the Ken Caryl and E470 location. I was not sure of your store number so I asked a nearby attended who did 1599. I have been to many Safeway store and this one was the cleanest and most organized in my opinion. The employees that did pass me in the aisles greeted me with a smile and asked if I was finding everything ok. The checkout was speedy and friendly. over all this store cares that I will continue to shop.

  30. John Ruffing says:

    I would like to see a product in the Dairy section that has "Fruit on the bottom".

  31. acoyatie says:

    you have a wonderful store the people that work there are always willing to help but you have one that always greats me when she sees me with a big smile and ask me if I found every thing her name is Vicky one day I wanted a small cart she went clear down stairs and got me one to me that's called customer service what a gem

  32. Gio Glasser says:

    I should mention my mother shopped at Safeway in the late 40's when I was a little boy. It was located at Alemany blvd.and San Jose ave. in Daly City. That store is long gone but I'm still buying our family needs at Safeway.

    Tommy Glasser

  33. Gio Glasser says:

    Purchased 4 dozen roses in last 2 weeks. Service from Stephen was a 10! My wife and daughter were very pleased to receive such beautiful boquets for birthday and Easter. Today I checked out at lane 5 and I can honestly say #5589 made my day and experience vey warm and enjoyable. Hats off to two great employees. Thank you for providing fresh products for my families consumption and enjoyment.

    Tommy Glasser 415-971-2740 cell

  34. marita mayer says:

    I shopped today at Safeway Community in San Anselmo, California. I was helped out a lot by Erika. I had a problem with a receipt and coupon and she took extra time to sort it out. She was very friendly and helpful.

  35. Judy Croft says:

    I have no comment at this time.

  36. Judy Croft says:

    Debbie & Darcy in the Meat & Seafood department are always so helpful.

  37. Annie says:

    Bruce is very professional and keep a smile on his face early in the morning, which is nice to see.

  38. Maurice Hamler says:

    Lena always very helpful, cheerful, a very nice person

  39. Rosemary wells says:

    Helen is always helpful and nice and cheerful all the time I am there

  40. Patti says:

    I returned blueberries that were either moldy or had a preservative odor today and Debbie in customer service was wonderful. I have ever returned produce before and thought it would be an issue. Lisa in produce was so helpful and we discussed the problems with some shipments. Kelly at checkout was also so friendly. This is why I am a loyal Safeway customer!


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